LRO Pricing Overview

An integration between the AMSI Evolution Suite and Rainmaker LRO revenue management software provides the user with simplified lease and rent pricing toward the goal of optimized rates and revenue for units.

An eDex Web service provides the exchange of property and market data needed to arrive at the LRO recommended pricing in eSite, where the Lease Move-In and Application processes show the LRO recommended price as the Quoted Rent. The Daily LRO Pricing report provides expected move-in date ranges in conjunction with pricing information on units available to lease as of the report run date.

Refer to eDex for more information about the Web service.

ClosedEffect of Policies

The property policy Enable LRO pricing recommendation must be selected to use this feature.

When used, during application and move-in eSite requires the user to enter the Expected Move-In Date, Lease Begins Date and Lease Ends Date, as this data is used for LRO pricing recommendations.

The amount shown in the Quoted Rent field is the LRO pricing recommendation amount, which matches the Effective Rent as shown on the Daily LRO Pricing Report if the application's Lease Begins Date and Lease Ends Date fall within the date range posted via the Web method.

ClosedEffect of Permissions

Users must have the user security permission to override the amount shown in the Quoted Rent field. In the System Module, select Security—Users—eSite—Application & Move-In—Override LRO Recommended quoted rent.

Users must have the user security permission to run the Daily LRO Pricing report. In the System module select Security—Users—eSite—Reports—Leasing Reports—Daily LRO Pricing.

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